Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We share this planet with a host of other living things including viruses. Some are well known to us and do not cause much concern. Surprisingly, the Corona family of viruses as a group fit into this category. They cause a cold type illness which whilst not pleasant is not serious either. The new Corona Virus (covid-19) has generated a lot of publicity and it is correct to say that we are still learning about it. However, it remains a member of a family of viruses which typically have not caused major problems to most who contract them.

It is not 100% possible to avoid viruses but there are a number of sensible precautions we can take. Basic hygiene makes a big difference. Always cough or sneeze into a tissue or hanky, or at least your elbow.  Regular hand washing makes a big difference. Try to avoid touching your nose eyes and mouth. If you have symptoms of a virus stay home from work and if your child is affected keep them home from school.

Basics like eating a sensible diet, doing regular exercise, getting adequate sleep and managing your stress all help support your immune system. Whilst not a guarantee that you cannot get sick, it can make it less likely.

It is almost certain that this virus will spread worldwide. There is nothing, at this stage, to suggest that it is any more dangerous than a host of other viruses that we are more familiar with. Make sure you keep up to date with advisories from health authorities but there is no need for panic.

As always, if you are in any doubt or feeling unwell please see your local GP.

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