Over 65 and excercising?

We often think of exercise as running swimming or other cardiovascular type pursuits. This is important for fitness but other exercise can be just as important.   As we get older resistance (or weights) based exercise maintains bone strength and also muscle mass. This reduces the chances of getting osteoporosis (brittle bones) and sarcopaenia (loss of muscle mass). You are never too old.

Research in NSW looked at resistance training in people with an average age of 89 and found that people could make new muscle at the age of 102! And you do not have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Start with lighter weights and increase slowly.  You do not have to purchase weights. Exercises using the body’s own weight such as push-ups can be very effective. Consider getting input from a physiotherapist or trainer. Do not try to be a hero!

Exercise that improves balance and coordination can reduce the chances of falls, which is increasingly important as years go by. Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi are three examples.  Start at a low level and increase slowly. Get good instruction so you do it right.

The key to exercise is consistency, doing exercise that you enjoy and of course not getting injured. Those exercising  regularly enjoy better mental health and tend to be more resilient. The risks of heart disease stroke and bowel cancer are lowered too.